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Dental Supply Finder

Dental Supply Finder
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Controlling costs is a must for any well-run office. One of the areas where Revmet can help control costs is your supply cost. Our proprietary dashboard allows team members to price shop various dental suppliers to ensure that you are receiving the best possible price for your supplies. Your team simply logs into the Revmet Supply Portal (RSP) and types in a product that you need to order. The portal lists the product from your favorite dental distributor allowing you to see which distributor offers the best pricing for your needs.
You are not purchasing from gray market or overseas dealers. These products are from distributors you currently use. The RSP simply does a search on the distributors website and lists the pricing allowing you to compare and purchase at the lowest price possible.
Allowing you to comparison shop can result in potential savings of thousands of dollars and minimizes your staff time by not having to go to each individual distributor website to see which pricing is best.
Another service from Revmet designed to optimize your revenue is our Fee Schedule Updater (FSU). Our team will regularly submit your fees to top insurance companies to ensure that your fees are current and optimized. By optimizing fees on a regular basis, offices are ensured that they are receiving the highest reimbursement possible.