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Virtual Billing Office

Insurance Verification
AR Follow-up and Denial Management
Payment Posting of Paper / Electronic Payments
Credential and Contract Management
Further Details
Insurance companies will try to delay payments whenever possible in order to increase their own revenues at the expense of overdue accounts receivables for your own. The Revmet team will work diligently to collect any overdue payments by insurance companies. This takes the burden off your own team, allowing them to work on other important tasks in the office.
The Revmet team will verify the insurance eligibility of any new or existing patient in your practice thereby freeing your team to focus on other aspects of the practice. Any patient that requires a preauthorization can have it completed by the Revmet team.
Revmet supported offices are able to accomplish more with less team members because the Revmet team handles the heavy lifting of collecting from insurance companies keeping your accounts receivables in line.
Don’t let insurance companies disrupt the economics of your practice. Ensure that all outstanding claims are collected efficiently and on time with the support of the Revmet team.